Saturday, November 22, 2014

this is the replacement

At some point they replaced the ceiling with this soggy brown one.
Whats horrifying is that this is the improvement!


the irony of soap

This soap holder is covered in so much mold that it is brown.

Aint no mountain high enough

The staff must have been too busy fighting the mold, the soaking wet floor, the rotting ceiling, and the mystery stink to find time for the laundry.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

wash that man right out of my hair...

All I can say is O-M-FUCKING-G


drinking toxic waste to stay hydrated

The top picture is a corner in the sauna. Heat + moisture = bacteria. So why are they not cleaning it daily?
About ten days ago I noticed an empty can of RedBull on the floor of the sauna. (who drinks Red Bull? thats toxic waste. Its like the Anti-Gym!) That can of RedBull has sat on the floor of the sauna for at least ten days, which leads me to conclude no one has even mopped the floor of the sauna in ten days.

don't look up!

The men's locker room at the gym has a bacteria outbreak that would result in most dining establishments being shut down and condemned. Luckily, the gym hasn't started serving milkshakes and fires, so they are allowed to have bacteria laced ceilings.

I've been watching this shit grow for months and I know that all it takes is a spray bottle with some bleach. If they don't improve this, i might just bring in bleach and deal with this one on my own to prove my point of how easily these problems are solved.

16th street spawns CDC nightmare

I'm fairly certain that a John Carpenter movie started with something similar to this gum wad.
Because the cleaning crew never actually looks at the showers when they clean them, this wad has been growing for a couple months. I expect it soon starts its world domination.

Teenagers, please avoid sex at all's always the slutty teens who die first in these situations.